January 27, 2017

Custom Embroidery – Logo, Applique and Monogramming

Mixed-thread lot for EmbroideryWhat do you know about Custom Embroidery?

Merriam-Webster defines embroidery as

“The art or process of forming decorative designs with hand or machine needlework.

In today’s world, garments of all types are embellished by the custom embroidery process. From ball-caps to polo shirts, blankets to bags and nearly everything in between, embroidery can be seen everywhere. Gone is the time when custom embroidery was only for the mechanics name tag.

In fact, quality custom embroidery can increase your design ideas perceived value allowing a larger return on your initial investment.

We offer several options for your embroidery projects.  We can machine embroider monogram, applique, create patches, and sew-out your custom logos. 

Custom Embroidery - Embroidered aligator Monogramming is described as a series of letters (usually three) scrolled together and embroidered.  Done correctly, they are very elegant. Remember Laverne and Shirley, the TV show?   Laverne always monogrammed her t-shirt.

Appliqué is used when a piece of decorated fabric is embroidered onto the t-shirt or other garment whereas the fabric makes up the majority of the fill area.  The best example I can think of is fraternity and sorority t-shirt with the Greek letters embroidered with a very ornate patterned fabric within the letters width.

Embroidered Patches are used when you might want to affix the embroidery to an item that may be difficult to direct custom embroidery.

Custom Embroidery

This is what we do most in our sew shop.  Here a customer brings there logo(s).  We digitize them into a usable sewing file and embroider them directly to the garment. Custom logos involve a process know as digitizing to convert the vector or raster artwork into a file that tells the machine where to place the individual needle hits. Digitizing is done at a very reasonable price of $25 inmost cases. However, a larger, more intricate design may incur an added cost.

 So, what does it cost?  Our embroidery service pricing is based on three major criteria. Garment cost, quantity and number of threads in the digitizing. Below is the pricing matrix we used for standard direct embroidery. These prices only reflect actual custom embroidery prices.  While we can try to estimate the price of your project based on these criteria, it’s always best to contact us directly for a quote. Garments are priced separately.

Check out our pricing on our Retail Embroidery Pricing page.